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Our Guide to Choosing Paint Colours

Introducing the Colour & Paint Free Guide to Choosing Paint Colours

Our design team and colour experts have put this guide together to help you understand colours better. It will enable you to complement and contrast colours in a way that will enhance the dimensions and feel for any room by arranging colours into groups that correspond to the colour wheel and showing you how to use it with ease. We hope it will provide you with the inspiration to create the effect and colour scheme you are looking for.

You can combine any set of colours together according to personal taste – there are no absolute rules. However you may find our colour wheel helpful in trying out colour schemes and design ideas. It helps to show how the primary colours of red, blue and yellow can be combined with secondary and tertiary colours to create a variety of room layouts. Here are three different ways to use the colour wheel to combine colours.

Enjoy experimenting until you find a colour scheme that suits you.

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