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About The iPatch

The innovative iPatch® is a world first in home colour testing. The iPatch® is a sheet of real paint with a low-tack backing that can be fixed and peeled off numerous times without cracking, flaking or losing adhesion. Its smart design means it does not cause damage or leave marks, yet it can be applied to multiple surfaces, including walls, picture & dado rails, skirting boards and architraves. Easily portable, the iPatch® makes comparing paint colours in shops with fabrics, cushions, furniture and accessories, in store, effortless. The iPatch® eliminates the need for tester pots, which are time-consuming to apply, create an unsightly after-effect, and are a real nuisance to paint over.


Each iPatch® is made using real paint to ensure an exact colour match. Other premium brands use tin, glass or plastic for their tester pots. These packaging materials are costly to produce and often more expensive to manufacture than the contents. A lot of these testers are stored and displayed but never get purchased. These then have to be disposed of - this landfill is yet another key environmental concern. We really don’t believe that tester pots are the smart way to test colour.
The iPatch® intelligently delivers an actual and very practical, paint sample without any excess or unnecessary, packaging. All of our paint collections are supported by the iPatch® and we recommend that our customers test their choice of colour on their selected surface before purchasing the paint. Please ensure that your wall surface is clean and stable with no flaking plaster or lose wallpaper. 

Although the low-tack backing will peel off easily and should leave no mark, customers use the iPatch® at their own discretion
and risk.

The iPatch® ensures that an on screen choice translates to a colour that people can enjoy and live with at home.

The iPatch® really is the intelligent way to test paint – no more tester pots.