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David Mach RA

David Mach RA is a Scottish sculptor whose work has been exhibited around the world. He is known for creating art from a range of mass-produced objects such as newspapers, match sticks, tyres and coat hangers. Colour is a significant and striking element of many of these works and has inspired paint colours in his palette. The evocatively named Steel Hook and Yellow Kiss for example are paints that both recreate the colours of particular sculptures and take their names from the titles of the original art works.

David’s distinctive palette has also been inspired by both his Scottish childhood and his Polish heritage. David’s South London studio is home to a vast array of objects collected on his travels and these objects were the fascinating starting point for colour development discussions. A beautiful collection of sea-washed glass fragments are the inspiration for a range of crisp aqua tones: Largo Glass, Sand Glass and Glass Beach.

Many of these glass fragments were collected on the Fife beaches of David’s childhood. This particular coastline was also to inspire the colour Leven Har: a memory of the mists that approach the Fife coast from the North Sea. The Forth Bridge makes an appearance as the rusty hue of Forth Red and is a nod to David’s first memory of crossing this rail bridge at the start of a journey to visit relatives in Poland. The blue grey of Silesia refers to the architecture of the towns and villages in this region, the homeland of his parents. David’s favourite blue colour is also included in the palette and its personal significance to him is referenced in the paint name - Beautiful.