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About us

About Colour & Paint
We are an innovative new online paint retailer that will revolutionise the way that paint is chosen, tested and bought. We work with designer brands to develop and launch exclusive premium paint collections. Our experienced design team work closely with each brand to develop both classic and contemporary colour palettes that reflect each brand's unique character and vision.

The paint
Our paint is produced exclusively by Craig & Rose, the oldest independent paint manufacturer in the UK. Craig & Rose was founded in 1829 and has impeccable credentials. Their heritage and specialist premium paints have been applied on everything from the Forth Bridge to palaces, grand houses, royal yachts to iconic modern architectural buildings.

Our environmental commitment
Environmental sustainability is a fundamental principle for our business, and is reflected in everything we do. Each tin of paint is made to order and delivered directly to our customers. There is no wastage, warehousing, unnecessary transport or disposal of unsold product. Our whole business model is focused on eliminating waste and reducing emissions all the way from the factory to the consumer.
All of our paints are water based and do not contain solvents which are harmful to the environment. Craig & Rose, our chosen manufacturing partner, achieved ISO14001 environmental management accreditation in 2007. We measure and monitor all our environmental impact and comply with all current UK legislation. Crag & Rose is committed to actively reducing its environmental impact year on year and works with a number of organisations to reduce waste and the depletionof natural resources.

This unique partnership of paint, design and colour experts is supported by a world first innovation in home colour testing: 

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