We are frequently asked about which modern colours work best in period properties, that create an authentic feel but do not slavishly follow the prescribed period colour palette. Creating a comfortable mix of old and new can be challenging so we asked interior designer Yasmin Chopin for her take on the subject.

From a derelict barn to a grade II Listed Georgian townhouse Yasmin is no stranger to property renovation and development having bought and sold many houses and learning from each adventure. She says: Having owned a Georgian* style townhouse I understand the enormous responsibility that comes with a period property. Whether or not you decide to decorate true to period may be a question you struggle with because it’s not an easy proposition. However it is possible to reference the colours of the period within a 21st century colour palette and make the most of your home’s beautiful proportions.

It was the vogue to have all woodwork painted and not waxed or varnished as we do today. It was an accepted method of covering up the fact that a cheaper wood, such as pine, had been used to make the windows, shutters, doors and mouldings. Proud to show off the picture rails and dados today we often pick out the mouldings in a contrasting colour, but in the period they would have been painted the same colour as the walls.

Colours were limited to dull reds, blue greys and browns and a green with a very grey undertone. Lighter forms of these colours were seen later in the period: dusky pink, Wedgwood blue, light grey, pea green and stone cream. Having removed 9 layers of paint from some of the woodwork in my property I can testify to all of these colours being present… and right next to the wood was a sticky brown tar-like substance.

I’ve taken the colours of the period into account when developing my Modern Georgian Palette but I’ve added an edge with a peach-orange (Campanile) and a bright pink (Pink Slip), which I hope you like. The twelve colours are all from the Royal Academy of Arts range (listed from dark to light):-

Chiaroscuro 1
Forth Red
Low Tide
San Salute
Pink Slip
Glass Beach
Hotel a Venezia
Polar Ocean

Giving options to combine cool and warm hues you have the ultimate choice; pick two or three from the palette for each room and they will all work together creating a harmonious flow from one room to the other.

Revitalise your property with style, make your home stand out from the crowd and take advantage of the wonderful colours we have available today.

To get you started I have created three colour boards to show how it works.

For the lounge:

Modern Georgian Palette 1


For a south facing Kitchen:

Modern Georgian Palette 2

And for a north facing bedroom:

Modern Georgian Palette 3


*The Georgian period lasted for more than 100 years from 1700 to around 1820 and the latter years overlapped with the architectural style we know as Regency. For more information and in-depth study of the architecture of the period contact the Georgian Group.


Yasmin Chopin

Yasmin is an inspirational speaker and has received a number of accolades including being shortlisted as one of the top five UK interior design bloggers and she is also listed by Decorex International as one of the top 100 design influencers on Twitter: @yasminchopin

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