We are huge fans of blue at colourandpaint.com (we have 40 different hues!). So we are delighted to see that Dulux has nominated “Denim Drift” as their colour of the year.  So why blue for 2017? ‘Blue is the colour of life; it is the clothes we wear, the sky we gaze at and the water that revitalises us,’ say Dulux.’Blue has been, and will continue to be, a constant in every aspect of our lives. From the deepest ink blue, to the palest misty blue, this colour spans every spectrum of life; it is a royal colour, but it is also used for workers’ blue jeans.’

Although blue paint is often regarded by conservative decorators as cold and unwelcoming  we believe that blues can be stylish and cool. It is the natural desire to be near the water’s edge which plays a large part in our affinity for the colour blue and accounts for the perennial popularity of coastal style. So much so that it serves as inspiration for our New England coastal style brand The Nantucket Trading Company.  Our equivalent to Denim Drift is Atlantic Shore.



In order to work with any primary colour in our palette we also need secondary or supporting colours that are chosen to work in harmony with it. Here is our Original Colours of New England paint palette from our Nantucket brand:


Header image © Dulux