Pantone have made their choice for colour of the year and have settled upon Rose Quartz (that’s pink to you and I) and have for the first time have blended it with Serenity (that’s a nice, soft blue).

Leatrice Wiseman of the Pantone Color Institute describes the combination: “Joined together, Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace.”

Our interior design collaborator Yasmin Chopin has this to say:

“Having long been referred to as a feminine colour chosen principally for girls’  bedrooms pink is becoming more mainstream. Strong pink plays a significant role as a major statement colour in a room or works as an accent but you have to be sure you like it to use it this way, The difficulty is choosing the perfect pink!
During my colour consultations with clients pink often appears early on but is then set aside or even dismissed. If it hasn’t been picked as a ‘favourite’ when viewed on its own it’s a difficult colour to imagine as part of a scheme. But I’ve noticed that as we work through combinations of colours it gently pops back into the frame. The paler pinks are easy on the eye and thus very useful as a foil for stronger colours. Getting the balance right is an important part of developing a colour scheme in home interiors.”

– A perpetual favourite that generates warmth and conviviality and mainly used in living areas, is Fleur ‘Crazy Horse’.

Fleur Crazy Horse

– Particularly good as a foil to stronger colours such as the mid and dark greys is Fleur ‘Pink Rococo’. This one is a great alternative to white on ceilings in any room!

Flour Pink Rococ
– Three pinks that can work well together in a room are Royal Academy ‘Pink Slip’, Liberty ‘Orchid’ and Fleur ‘American Beauty’.
Pink Paint Collection 1


Trevor Bradford Managing Director of The Colour & Decor Company adds “How interesting it is to see that Pantone has selected a pink as their colour of the year: Rose Quartz, as we have seen the softer pinks gradually grow in popularity over the last couple of years (we have a total of seventeen shades across our various designer paint collections:

Pink works particularly well as accent colour with many of our customers pairing it with ever popular soft greys and blues. I have a personal fondness for art deco architecture and interiors and one of my favourites is Miami Deco from our Mr & Mrs Smith – At Home range. Miami Deco is a classic pastel inspired by South Beach’s architectural district, this Thirties stone pink beautifully captures the art deco spirit for today’s home. At the more vibrant end of the pink spectrum English Rose from Liberty has been popular as has Pink Slip from the Royal Academy of Arts collection.

We were using pink as an accent colour earlier this year in capsule colour palette that we created, paring it with blues and neutrals.”

Mr-Mrs-Smith-Nordic-Chic 2
Similarly, in collaboration with Yasmin Chopin we put together three colour palettes that we described as “Modern Georgian”. Palette number 3 features Pink Slip from the Royal Academy collection. Here is the link to the blog post:
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