Choosing interior paint colours – a customer’s view by Val Herzog.

INTERIOR DESIGN – How do  you get it right? Interior or external décor is something that people want to get right – but how to do it when you are part of a couple? One has one idea whilst the other… Fortunately most people agree generally on what they want in their home, garden or office (sometimes yacht!) and compromises are made, agreements sought and taken up and everyone settles into their comfort zone. How to reach this can be an uphill struggle. Now Colour and Paint have come up with their “iPatch”, it solves many colour issues, which, let’s face it, cover a huge surface in someone’s home or wherever they need it. No more messy paint tester pots, just a “post-it-note” of a chosen colour. You go home, stick it literally on the wall or surface to be coloured, and hey presto, you can see at a glance whether this colour will suitably match everything else. Choosing colours with iPatch The good thing is that the “i-Patch” peels off leaving no trace. It can be tried again and again and stick to anything and peel right off again. I am interested in style and as my husband is an artist, when we choose colours in the home I mostly leave it to him to find what he thinks will suit and either agree or not. That’s apart from my sewing/writing room where I choose. I have to admit that his eye is better than mine as far as matching colours goes, which colour with which, but our area of disagreement is usually in that he prefers darker more earthy tones whereas I go for the pastels or bright colours. If you’re single then zero problem, you can just get your “i-Patch” and off you go. How to choose? Do some research, go and look at the likes of good quality magazines such as Vogue (naturally) or Harpers or Home and Garden or go on line to see what there is out there. There are some amazing images for you to look at and you’d be surprised how your taste will change from page to page. You may be a dedicated follower of fashion and you’ll know what’s “in” or out. You may simple have good taste anyway and choose from a variety of what your eye sees best from the world around you. Whatever you do, testing which colour suits has been made easier with the “iPatch”. Try it out just for fun, it could change your life, or at least your living quarters!