Choosing paint colours for your home can be challenging so having some understanding of colour theory and which colours work well together is a real help. You can combine any set of colours together according to personal taste – there are no absolute rules. However you may find our colour wheel helpful in trying out colour schemes and design ideas. It helps to show how the primary colours of red, blue and yellow can be combined with secondary and tertiary colours to create a variety of room layouts.

Colour Theory, Colour Mixing, and the Colour Wheel:
The Colour wheel offers the easiest way to visualise how hues relate to each other. Traditionally designers have defined red, yellow and blue as the three primary colours from which all others on the wheel can be mixed.

The Colour Wheel

For a full explanation of of how the colour wheel works and example paint colour palettes put together by our colour experts and design teams get your FREE copy of our Guide to Choosing Paint Colours.