So, what do you do with a wet weekend, week or month in February? The relentless wet weather of the last couple of months shows little sign of abating – so indoor activities prevail. With just a couple of months to the Easter break, this is the perfect time to get that tired looking room refreshed. Many of us will remember Changing Rooms, the long running makeover show that demonstrated what can be achieved in just 48 hours. Of course, some of the results may have left a lot to be desired.

However, water based paints make a wet weekend makeover a reality, modern emulsions can be touch dry within an hour and ready to re-coat within three.
At Colour and Paint ( we believe it is part of our mission to make your dreams a reality. To do this, we have created a free guide to using colour which in easy steps, takes you through the process of working with colours with confidence. Contact to request a copy. Whole rooms painted in bold colours can be overwhelming, but feature walls and complementary tonal shades, or contrasting hues can turn a dull room into a haven of tranquility, embellished with your personal touches and creativity.

Colour and Paint has the ideal solution with ranges from Liberty, bold colours designed with their team to work with heavily patterned fabrics and wall coverings, or Mr & Mrs Smith, allowing you to have the colours you adored on holiday in your own home. With Nantucket, we have a beautiful range of pastels and off-whites, delivering those cool ‘shaker’ style interiors inspired by the colours of New England, the perfect start point to add your splashes of colour with sofas and curtains. And because we use the best ingredients in formulating our paints, don’t forget you can freshen up picture frames, door surrounds and woodwork with the same colours. Try using this great patterned roller from The Painted House.

Patterned Roller from The Painted House

Using our iPatch colour sampling system, not only can you try different colours on different walls to see how the prevailing light effects the colour, but because you can use it time and time again, you can create easy mood boards, just like the professionals, and visualise your project before lifting a roller. So whether you want bold blues and raging reds or graceful greys and pale pinks, at Colour and Paint we have the palette for you. We are extending our free colour sampling offer until Easter too, no need to invest in expensive and messy tester pots, just buy your paint from us and after testing the colours of your choice, we refund the cost of the iPatch – simple.

So if the weather means another weekend indoors, looking at the same four walls, why not give those walls a lick of paint. The weather will get better (I think) and you’ll be glad you spent that weekend in dismal February, preparing for the sunny summer ahead.