You like the colour, but will you like the paint? Whilst the growth of DIFY (Do It For You) was substantial during the best of the last decade, the reality of our recent economic challenges has meant many people reverting to good old classic DIY – set aside a weekend and start preparing to paint.

Here at Colour & Paint, we know the process of choosing just the right colour is a time consuming process and potentially a cause for concern – will the shade work with my overall scheme, will it make the room larger, cosier, warmer etc. Rightly, many people will spend weeks at this stage trying different colours and living with them as squares painted on our walls prior to the project starting.

The iPatch, our unique sampling system, means you can live with as many of your potential colour choices as long as you like, but never have to paint the walls themselves. Each patch has real paint on a specially developed low-tac adhesive sheet, you can apply it time after time, and never leave a residue or damage on your walls. All well and good, but having made your final choice, how much consideration do you apply to the quality of the paint you will buy? The reality is paint quality varies enormously from each manufacturer, and the price you pay is not necessarily a reflection of the quality in the can. We know from bitter experience of some premium brands delivering poor performance during application, what should have been a two coat job can take many more to get good coverage and opacity. Of course, the substrate you are painting will influence this, trying to get a lighter finish over an initially dark wall will always be a challenge, applying a high opacity trade white first can be a sound investment and give you a much better starting point for your final colour scheme.

At Colour & Paint, our years of experience means we want to make your journey from selection to finished scheme as easy as possible. We have surveyed our customers and in some cases, their professional decorators and the feedback is – fantastic! Even in some of the more challenging reds and deeper greens, we achieve a remarkable level of coverage, even better, great performance on a roller or brush, means cutting in and covering large walls quickly and efficiently is a breeze. We have 100% customer satisfaction, not one can has been returned, not one can has been faulty or off the exact colour and not one customer complaint – you can’t say better than that.