Paint colour trends for 2014: We have our friends at The Pantone Colour Institute in New Jersey to thank  for the revelation that the colour for 2014 is Radiant Orchid. Since 2001, this body has scoured the world looking at trends in industries as diverse as fashion to car makers, electrical appliances to garden ornaments. Their findings are then revealed with the annual colour they believe will underpin our choices for home decor.

At Akzo Nobel, they too have teams across the world and come to their own conclusions about trend colours, their choice for 2014 however is a muted teal shade called Sea Urchin 1 (naming teams must occupy dark rooms for far too long) but it is a colour that will be easier to live with.

Here at Colour & Paint Towers, we are pleased to have been ahead of both these announcements, with colours such as Liberty’s Mallow and Fleur’s Crazy Horse anticipating the Pantone hue, and Mr & Mrs Smith’s Ubud Forest, Fleur’s Bamboo and Liberty’s Taro giving a lovely selection in the muted green spectrum.

Pantone’s very vibrant purple will not be to everyone’s taste, feature walls perhaps, whole rooms – overwhelming! The challenge when using such a strong colour is finding contrasting or complementary colours that work with it. Historically, the reason we use so many off-whites, magnolias and creams around our homes, is because we are not confident working with bolder colours and will accessorise colour around our rooms instead. Well considered paint palettes within a room however, will create a striking and very personal statement in your home and can be surprisingly easy to achieve.

With the innovative and exclusive iPatch colour testing system, you can live with real paint samples on your walls whilst deciding what works best for you, but without the mess and subsequent ‘splodges’ of assorted colours emblazoned on your walls! Better still, even the iPatch paint samples are free when your subsequently order your paint from us*.

Our colours for 2014 (shown above) are Fleur Crazy Horse, Liberty Mallow, Liberty Taro and Mr & Mrs Smith Ubud Forest

* Free colour testing: Just select an iPatch colour from any of our palettes and get free delivery on iPatch plus your money back when you next buy paint. We simply email a promotional code with your iPatch order confirmation. £2.00 per tin off every order before 30th March 2014* No limitation on number of tins per order. May not be used in conjunction with other promotions.