Choosing Colours: There are many articles and thoughts from ‘experts’ all over the UK advising us on how best to incorporate colour into our room schemes. And of course, there are just as many sources and references to help you make those choices. But, the reality is that working with colour is partly a fine art, but mostly a reflection of your personal taste.
New homes still come as standard, as they have for generations now, with a Magnolia finish, it’s easy to live with, works with just about every bolder colour you care to choose and makes moving in very straightforward. Having moved home 12 times in 30 years, I can no longer recall how many times I have said “well, we can live with it” always with the best intention of changing it and stamping our own personality on the house within weeks. The reality is I have lived with some Magnolia homes for many years!

Whenever you watch an interior designer at work with a client, after taking a brief, the follow up sessions will always be accompanied by a Mood Board. This is how your chosen designer communicates their thoughts for your room makeover, demonstrating how fabrics on furniture, curtains, rugs, wall covering and paint all come together. But a mood board need not be the preserve of professional designers, they really are easy to prepare and will fill you with confidence that your finished room will be the vision you had before starting.

The award winning iPatch, a new innovation from Colour and Paint, has just made preparing your mood board even easier. All the colours from our fabulous ranges from Liberty, Mr & Mrs Smith, Fleur and The Nantucket Trading Company, are supported by this easy to use technology. A sheet of real paint in your chosen colour, on a self adhesive material you can cut, shape, bend around corners, work into coving – absolutely anything to stimulate your creative juices time and time again. So, without the mess of painting directly onto your mood board, or a sheet of paper then using permanent adhesive, the iPatch lets you express your personality with complete freedom. Add in images of your furniture, samples of fabrics and wall coverings and you can easily visualise the finished project – just like the professionals.

iPatch from Colour & Paint
Even better, the iPatch is the ultimate portable colour sample, take it to your supplier or retailer, hold it against other products you are considering, and instantly see what works and what doesn’t – not based on theory, but based on what you like.
Check out the beautiful colour palettes from, then select your iPatches within your chosen colour scheme, after ordering, they’ll be with you within 48 hours, usually quicker and the hidden designer in you is ready to be let free.

Image source: The Guardian