You want to make your living space a home, and for that you need atmosphere. But how can you create this elusive quality? You might have a kitchen that needs to be warmer and more delicious. Or you might have a bedroom that needs to be cosier and more conducive into drifting into a deep sleep. The answer is colour! Colour is the very personality of a room, and choosing the right palette of colours can set your interior decorating apart and make your home a joy to live in. So choose colour to create a positive impact on your mood and interactions.

What is your base colour?
A base colour is usually a neutral that anchors your room. It also helps to pull together all the rooms in the house. For 2013, the neutral of fashionable choice was a lemon sorbet shade. The bright, punchy shade reminds us of summertime and the seaside. It is brilliant at making the most of light in a room–and its outdoorsy feel helps to make rooms feel less confined. Lemon sorbet is excellent at complementing dark blue shades.

Feeling the blues and loving it
Shades of dark blue and inky purple have had a great year so far. Blue can actually make you feel relaxed and serene, so use it in bedrooms and recreation rooms to enjoy its positive effect on your mood. Choosing the shade of blue with the right undertones is important, so pull together a collection of paint swatches and begin to arrange to the blues first by undertone (across) and then by light to dark. You can then choose the right shade that’s not too white and not too saturated. Remember that you always want to choose a colour with the right LGV value (light gradient value), about 60% is recommended for your main wall shade. Mix in the fashionable dark blues as an accent wall. Have a look at our Fleur Blues & Greys Collection or Coast Collection from Mr & Mrs Smith – At Home.

Mr & Mrs Smith Coast Collection

Think about the relationships of colour

If you have some cherished items in your collection, you might want to pick out wall colours that complement your favourite artwork, photographs, travel curiosities and musical instruments. One good tip is to look closely your favourite artwork and pull out the dominant colours–make your wall colours and furnishings a tribute to the vision of your favourite artist. Complement this with bright metallic furnishings. Check out your local stores for interesting LampCommerce.

When we need inspiration for a new room colour, we always check out our favourite design blogs on Tumblr and Pinterest. You can see the latest up-to-the-minute trends and check out exciting new interior designers before they get really big. Remember that atmosphere is all about feeling, and as long as you design your space with feeling, it will have all of the evocative and moving mood that you are wishing for. Tell us your tricks for creating emotional interiors in the comments–perhaps you’ve discovered how to create a productive office or a bathroom that transports you away from the cares of the world.


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