Changing the colour in a room is one of the simplest, easiest and least expensive ways to make a dramatic statement. However, we recognise that not all would-be decorators have the confidence with colour that is needed to make that step from the neutral end of the spectrum to the more impactful darker shades. That is why we created the innovative iPatch to allow our customers to pop it in their handbag and take it shopping.

And now with the advent of a fast mobile connection and a modern smart phone we are helping with that decision again with our new mobile web site. As many of the new phones have brilliant quality, high resolution screens customers can view our colour palettes with a degree of accuracy that was unimaginable less than two years ago. The colour quality on some models is now so good that paint images viewed are at least, if not more, accurate than printed colour cards (and that’s another reason why Colour & Paint don’t produce colour cards).

So when our customers are shopping for paint, fabrics and soft furnishings or anything to do with colour decisions in the home they can have our colours in their pocket.

Since the launch of we have seen a rapid increase in views of the web site  from a mobile device rise to over 25%.