Colour & Paint is an innovative online paint retailer that sets out to revolutionise the way that paint is chosen, tested and bought. We have put together a team of industry experts to advise on palette creation, design, on-line retailing and marketing. Our objective is to make choosing colours and buying paint as easy, creative and enjoyable as possible. The first part of that process is to view the various colour palettes available on line before making a selection.

We recognise that not everyone’s computer equipment is the same type, quality or age and so it is likely that each customer will see the colours differently. One way to minimise this problem is to calibrate your screen so that you see the colour as close to the actual paint colour as possible.

With that challenge in mind we have reviewed some simple and free software for both Apple and Windows users that is free to download. Mac users should have look at Supercal, a visual display calibrator capable of measuring and correcting most conventional displays, including LCDs, CRTs and projectors. Supercal doesn’t require any hardware measurement devices.

Download Supercal here

For windows users a very popular option is the award winning Calibrize, which adjusts the colors of your monitor in three simple steps. It gives your system a reliable color profile and maintains color fidelity throughout the system.

Download Calibrize here

Viewing colours on screen, no matter how accurately your montitor is set up is only the first step to buying paint that will work in your home. There is no substitute for trying your colour choices before buying the paint. The old fashioned way was to simply buy sample size tester pots and to paint areas of your wall. This can be a messy and time consuming and wasteful process.

Our solution is the the iPatch: an A4 size coat of real paint on a low tack adhesive backing that can wrap around corners, cornices, architraves and furniture without cracking or flaking. When you have decided what colour works best for you, just peel the iPatch off the wall and replace the backing sheet. The iPatch can re-used multiple times and taken shopping to help make you make decisions when buying wallpaper, curtains and soft furnishings.

Watch a short film how the iPatch works here.

With special thanks to Jonathan Harrison, Director of Photography,
BrandVoice Marketing Group

Please note that Colour & Paint has no relationship with either Calibrize or Supercal and that customers download and use the software at their own risk and discretion.
Colour & Paint strongly advise that you try the paint by using the iPatch before placing an order.